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The Movement (757)

"It Still Takes A Village!"




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                      Organized On December 12, 2022 Virginia Beach, Virginia
                       First Meeting Held At Mc
Donalds On Indian River Rd. 

             Second Meeting Held At Mr. Huntley's Home January 9, 2023 

Organizers have a total of 57 years with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, over 62 years of Military Service (Navy & Marine Corps) and 25 years of  Law Enforcement experience. 
Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Primary Chapter of The Movement (757) "It Still Takes A Village!" is to be an advocate for students of color and parents within our public school systems.  Our aim is to be an educational watchdog for our communities.  We will do this by holding teachers, administrators, counselors, school board members, and superintendents accountable for poor systemic practices as it pertains to our children.  We will accomplish this by supporting, showing up, and providing parents with the tools and necessary resources needed to ensure that the right outcome is reached.
Far too long has been the norm that our children are faced with harsh, unfair, unjust, unfounded, and unwarranted disciplinary actions administered by school divisions.  The Movement (757) is not designed to advocate for students who disciplinary actions measure up to the nature and cause of the offense.  But to ensure that the punishment is warranted and is justified.  We foster good behavior of our children who are the Future Generation of the world.  Our overall objective is to put a "P
lug In The School To Prison Pipeline!"  

Vision Statement:

All students of color are treated fairly and justifiably when it comes to discipline while achieving at his or her maximum potential in a diverse, engaging , and challenging learning environment.

Cases & Results:

Tallwood H.S. (10-24-2022) - 10th grade student was suspended from school and had been out of school for almost 30 days.  Parents had a meeting with the Office of Student Leadership and the decision was reached to place the student at Renaissance Academy High School (alternative school).  Parents appealed the decision and had a scheduled meeting with the School Board.   Mr. Huntley and Mr. Bates spoke on behalf of the student at the School Board Hearing.  The final outcome:  Members of the School Board overturned the decision of the Office of Student Leadership.  The student was permitted to return to his high school.   
Larkspur M.S. (11-3-2022) - Mr. Huntley was notified of this situation concerning a 6th grade student who was suspended from school while waiting to meet with the Office of  Student Leadership.  Prior to that meeting Mr. Huntley spoke with the parents several times and then put them in contact with Mrs. A. Edwards who shared with them her experience with the Office of Student Leadership and what to expect.  As a result of the meeting, the decision of the Office of Student Leadership was to suspend sending the 6th grade student to Renaissance Alternative School for three months as long as the student did not get into anymore trouble (January 28, 2023).  A favorable outcome was rendered.
Corporate Landing M.S. (4-21-2023) - 7th grade student was suspended from school for almost 30 days and was facing total expulsion from school.  Mr. Huntley and Mr. Arrington spoke on behalf of the student at the Office of Student Leadership Meeting.  Afterwards, the Office of Student Leadership assigned the student to Renaissance Alternative School.    A favorable outcome was rendered.

Meeting Dates:
December 12, 2022
January 9, 2023
January 25, 2023 (Zoom Meeting)

Letter of Appreciation:

Good Afternoon ,


I’m writing this letter of appreciation to Mr. Huntley, Mr. Arrington, and Mr. Bates.  It takes a village and they were the village and voice for my son Zayveon and I really appreciate that.  I called Mr. Huntley to help me with my son being that he helped me when I was in school and he kept me out of trouble.  I kept my head straight so I felt like he could help me with my son, and he did just that. I feel as though the school had already given up on my son and looked at him as a problem child but.  Mr. Huntley and his team didn’t give up on him.  My son was recommended for expulsion from all public schools.  With the assistance of Mr. Huntley and his team it was dropped to long term suspension.  Zayveon is currently enrolled in Renaissance and doing very well.  If it wasn’t for Mr. Huntley and his team my son would be another statistic.

I want to take this time to thank you again, I really appreciate you all for not giving up on Zayveon.

Ariel King



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