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Italy And Back, A Black Man's Odyssey


"A strong, direct style of writing that moves the reader quickly through the story.  A natural gift."  

Managing Editor, Proceedings

John G. Miller, Colonel, U.S.M.C. (Ret)

"You are to be congratulated for your enthusiasm to improve your life and the lives of others with your book."

Motivation Speaker,  Author; Les Brown

"An awesome book that I believe will truly inspire and make a positive difference in many, many people's lives when they read it.  People need to hear this message Now!!"

Autumn M. Gates

"Readable and compact with exciting and moving experiences." 

Cornerstone Publishing, Leon P. Cherry, Ph.D.

"It was with much anticipation and pride that I read Italy and Back.  Your experience in the Corps brought back many memories.  Both good and bad.  Your experience during your adolescence made you the man you are today.  Being associated with the movie; "A Few Good Men", F. Lee Bailey and I both agreed that if we were innocent, we would rather be tried through the military justice system.  Your experience bear this out."  Donald W. Marcari, Attorney

Mothers Please...




"Mothers Please... is a riveting account of the pitfalls mothers encounter when raising male children.  Mr. Huntley offers excellent advice to mothers with love.  This book will be instrumental in starting a dialogue that will help our boys to become productive men." 

Kim Love, Guidance Counselor

"Bobby is a passionate child advocate.  He walks the walk, his 'talk' is backed up with life's experiences as a husband, father, educator, church-based youth activist, ordained minister and mentor--and of course, children wholes lives that have been changed.  Pay particular attention to the 'son-saga,' when mom denies her boy a chance to be with his father because she and the father have a dispute.  Parents--PLEASE!  For the sake of the child, work it out.  As Bobby points out--our children are watching and learning from your example.  If MOTHERS PLEASE... is our first Bobby Huntley book, enjoy it.  Get ready to be inspired, then get ready to get busy--saving our children."

Don Roberts, Author of "HEY DADDY READ THIS,"  Award-Winning TV News Anchor and Reporter.


"Awesome, that was the first word that came in my spirit after I finished reading Mothers Please....  I believe this book was inspired by God Himself.  I don't know if you knew when you asked me to write a review that my sister was a single mom with four boys.  As I read your book it was like I could see all the mistakes my sister made, I could see them so clearly.  I believe Mothers Please... is profitable for every single mother.  Pastor Huntley, I believe God has given you a gift to build and restore families.  Thank You So Much, because I have learned a lot to impart into my grandson's lives."  Thank You!  A. Massey


"Mr. Bobby Huntley is a very gifted and insightful educator and author whose thought-provoking book, Mothers Please... gives readers an amazing view into the lives of today's young African American males and their mothers.  By digesting the information from the easy-reading pages of Mothers Please..., readers experience continuous terrific 'Aha' moments when the text unveils the causes behind many of the obstacles confronting black males.  Mr. Huntley should be applauded for having the courage to bring the truth to the light."  

Yolanda Jones-Howell, Communications Professional,

Hampton Roads, Virginia


"In his book, Mothers Please... Bobby Huntley has created a Renaissance for one of the major Crises in the Black Community, how to effectively raise a male child in a female-headed household in the absence of the father.  Mr. Huntley's eight mistakes made by single mothers is a powerful beginning to assist with helping Black boys become men and productive citizens in our society.  This how-to message is just what we all have been waiting for to stop wasting our most precious and natural resources-- young, gifted and talented Black boys.  Congratulations, Mr. Huntley for writing a prescription for saving our sons."

Vivian R. Moore, Ph.D

Alternative High School Social Worker


"Bobby Raye Huntley has indeed encapsulated some of the contemporary dynamics associated with single parent households lead by mothers.  Disregarding political correctness, he has artfully written an expose' detailing the deficiencies encountered in far too many mother/son relationships.  Mr. Huntley approaches a sensitive subject with the wisdom and courage of a sage.  Mothers Please... is certainly an 'Operator's Manual' that no son's mother should be without. 


I encourage mothers, friends and co-workers of single mothers of boys, to get a copy of this timely, spiritually based book, which provides practical approaches to raising a young man in today's society."

Gary Jordan, Assistant Site Coordinator,

Alternative High School      

"At times when we reflect on our life we may think of moments when we were overwhelmed or times when we fell short of the mark or even hurt or wronged someone and we never was able to say I'm sorry or I apologize.  As I listened to an Awesome Inspirational Poetry CD (Because He First Loved Me, 429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus) by Reverend B Raye Huntley, I was not only able to reflect but also heal in areas of my life where I still harbored unforgiveness, anger, and hate.  I like to recommend to my family, friends, associates, bothers and sisters to purchase of copy of this CD or book.  21 Inspirational Poetry sections that will strengthen you in your everyday walk!"  Thank you my brother and friend! 

Alfred William Jones, Master Sergeant

United States Air Force, Ret.

Book photo Angelia.png

It is my honor to see his vision and support it!  To speak what's to come, work the plan that God gives you and when it manifests as his testimony in book form, Thank You Jesus!!  Proud wife, Lord, you brought me through this, yes You did, and You brought me through that.  Lord I'm so grateful to You!!!

Mrs. Angelia Huntley 

Book photo Marie Carr.jpg

Marie C., Virginia Beach, VA 

jeff book photo.jpg

Jeffrey B.,  Chesapeake, VA 

Book photo Vanessa.jpg

Vanessa L.,  Virginia Beach, VA 

Book photo Bishop.jpg

Bishop, Dr. Clarence McClain, Raleigh, NC

Book photo cousin Robert.jpg

Because He First Loved Me,

429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus!

Inspirational Poetry




"Thank you for sharing your inspirational poetry with   

the world.  I was not able to read everything but those poems I read were very touching.  I do wish you the very best.  You seem to have achieved a peace most people are seeking.  I am glad for you." 

Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor,

Poet, Writer, Cultural Philosopher

"What can I say Pastor Huntley?  You are truly anointed and I pray that God keeps you in His Grace.  You are a Blessing-continue to let the Lord use you.  These poems are awesome.  I can feel God speaking words of encouragement into my heart as I read them.  Great things can only happen with a humble shepherd who truly cares for his sheep.  These poems are Gods Words spoken out of a servant's mouth, because your allowed yourself to be used by Him.  I thank God for your humbleness and faithfulness to write this book.  May you be forever blessed! "

Sister Minnie Johnson, Plaza Middle School,

Virginia Beach, Va.

Because He First Loved Me,

429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus!

Inspirational Poetry (CD)

Accompanied w/ Music


"I am certainly impressed by your awesome and inspirational CD.  God is truly working through you with this great piece of work."  Vanessa Hailey

"Your tape is awesome!  You speak so clearly and distinctively.  The music just sets it off!" 

Pauletta Spruill


The Gentlemen's Club

Character Development Mentoring Program:

(For Boys and Young Men)


Instilling Pride, Integrity & Respect

Into The Lives Of Young Men! 







"It Does Not Matter Where In Life You Come From, 

What Does Matter Is Where YOU 

Allow Yourself To End Up!"

"The Gentlemen's Club" Program is designed to not only meet the needs of these boys and young men, but enable and equip them with the tools necessary in making good, sound, moral, and ethical decisions as they journey well on into adulthood.  We believe that by simply doing these things, we will be able to rekindle the bound of a loving family and of a supportive community. 

The Shaping Of Our Future Generation,
      Putting A Plug In The School To 
                 Prison Pipeline!

"Bobby Huntley's newest book, "The Shaping Of Our Future Generation" is very near and dear to me. I was an eye - witness to many of the things spoken about in this book. The things that I did not eye- witness, Bobby would share many of them with me as he was going through them. The book is excellent reading and many who read this book will be able to identify similar inequities in your lives caused by a “Good Ole Boys” system or when you have been “Black Balled.”

"I was there when they (the school system) chose lesser qualified individuals over him, who was highly qualified not on one school position but several positions. The book gives detailed insight on how preferential treatment does not seek out the best candidate. The book is easy reading and gives cause for reflection in life."

Paul Arrington, (Retired High School Teacher)

"Noble Drew Ali once famously stated, “If you want to change a people, change their literature.” Bobby Huntley has been a force in changing the literature and the narrative in the world of education for decades as a leader and as an author."

"In 2015 the world was blessed with “The Gentlemen's Club,” which is an instructional manual based on The Gentlemen's Club character development mentoring program for young men. The 2015 offering provided instructions on how the community might create a program that positively impacts the lives of young men and leads them to be able to effectively lead our communities in the future."

"Mr. Huntley's newest composition, “The Shaping Of Our Future Generation, Putting A Plug In The School To Prison Pipeline!” details the trials and tribulations that one might encounter while administering a youth mentorship program. Discussing physical challenges, difficulties with educational gatekeepers, and a host of other adversities, Mr. Huntley gives the reader deep insight into how he waded in the deep, cold, and often thankless waters of servant leadership. Louis Farrakhan once stated, “We are all gifted, but we have to discover the gift, uncover the gift, nurture and develop the gift and use it for the Glory of God and for the liberation struggle of our people.”

"Huntley's journey exemplifies how through trials he, and those that he served, were able to become better men by nurturing and developing their innate God-given leadership talents. Fellow United States Veteran and visionary Martin Delaney once famously stated, "Our elevation must be the result of self-efforts and work of our own hands." I suggest that all who are intent on the liberation of our children from mediocrity and genocide should place Bobby Huntley's works into their hands and the hands of those that they serve."

Seko B.E. Varner, M.Ed

"I must first thank you Bobby for your service to our country, and to the students and families of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. You have truly been a blessing to all! Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Your book gives a riveting expose of how the bureaucracy operates within the school system. It also highlights the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of your educational career, but “count it all joy.” God is working out another assignment for you. “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”    Jeremiah 29:11.

Kim Love, School Counselor

"Congratulations Bobby Raye Huntley, we all have the opportunity at least once in this lifetime, to give back and make a strong positive impression on the lives of someone. Bobby Raye Huntley has sown so many seeds of love, instruction in leadership, kindness, and respect in the lives of so many young people within the Virginia Beach City Public Schools with his Character Development Mentoring Program; The Gentlemen’s Club."

"I believe it was something he never saw, or thought could happen, because some of the things he had been through in his life, he wanted to reach out and help other men to see things differently and to think differently. The encouragement that God gave me to say to Bobby was, "Why not start with young boys, who are more impressionable and in need of a strong male role model to help them?"

"Bobby gave it a lot of thought and consideration and soon realized that our youth were the ones that were in much need of help. Bobby soon applied for a position with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools and was hired immediately.  After reading “The Shaping Of Our Future Generation,” truly a page turning which I had a hard time putting down. His book revealed to me why God used me to speak into his life, and as they say, “The rest is history!”

"Your Brother In Christ"

Superintendent, Melvin E. Woolard, Sr.


Children are the future of the world.  Reading this book “The Shaping of Our Future Generation” is like going through a time  capsule.  It grabs your attention along the way as you take the journey along with Mr. Huntley.  He puts forth his God given talents in trying to rescue some of our young people who are heading in the wrong  direction (from school to prison). At times it makes you feel happy and other times perplexed.  His nineteen (19) year odyssey takes you through twist and turns dealing with politics and bureaucracy while giving his all to the call of duty to benefit the future leaders of the world.  R.E.S.P.E.CT. and good manners were the order of the day growing up in my era and the Gentlemen’s Club (GC) was providing that instruction for our young people.                 

     Mr. Huntley put his heart and soul in the GC program in trying to reach our young men, all while at times dealing with unprofessional inequalities in the workplace.  Virginia Beach City Public Schools  Division did not fully appreciate or realized the GEM they had in their presence.  “The stone the builder rejected has become the chief    cornerstone.” (Mark 12:10)

     This book documents the tremendous value and positive changes the GC made in the lives of young men, young ladies, parents, schools’ environment, and the  communities.  It has been said, “You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the number of  apples in a seed.”  The seeds Mr. Huntley planted in those young men and women will continue to be counted for generations to come.  This book should be read by school administrators throughout the United States.  It gives you a blueprint and invites you to look at what is truly needed in the public school system,  

“Putting A Plug In The School To Prison Pipeline!” 


Jeffery Bates, Sr.

shaping cover jpg.jpg

Michael Bolton, Rosharon, TX

Book photo Bolton.jpg
Book photo Goldie.jpg

"Goldie" Virginia Beach, VA

Book photo Dad.jpg

William Baker, Buffalo, NY


Alfred Jones, Del Rio, TX


Jonathan "Bumpy" Gray, Dayton, OH

What a powerful book,  I'm reading this book and  each chapter it gets better and better.  Chapter 8 really jacked me up.  Bravo Cousin Bobby Huntley, reading about these two men has caused my eyes to run like a river.  The joy of seeing two young men change their lives because someone cared!!!  What continues to play out in my mind is a 100%

Robert Frasier, Buffalo, NY


Kimberly Simms,  (Sister -in-Law) Staten Island, NY

Book photo Melvina.jpg

Melvina Baker, Toledo, OH

Book photo Jacque.jpg

Jacque Combs (Sis) Dayton, OH

Book photo Voncile.jpg

Voncile McQueen,  Jacksonville, FL

Book photo Woolard.jpg

Pastor Melvin Woolard, Sr. Virginia Beach, VA

Book photo Marlo Patrick.jpg

Patrick & Marlo Forbes, Norfolk, VA

Richard Kendricks, Jr. Lowell, MI

Jill Brick, Phoenix, AZ

Book photo Jill.jpg
Book photo Kendricks.jpg

Darius (Best Buy Employee) Virginia Beach, VA

Book photo Vanleer.jpg

Louis Vanleer, Oak Park, FL

Bobby's Book Picture.jpg

Brandon Huntley (Nephew) Virginia Beach, VA

Michael Grandson.jpg

Michael Brunson  (10 year old grandson) Atlanta, GA

Grandbaby Novah.jpg

Granddaughter  Novah 


Mayor of Virginia Beach, VA.           Mayor Bobby Dyer

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