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Working As An Activist and Educator

Reverend Huntley is an activist working for a great cause in today's society. He is taking all of the letters of the word "Respect" and putting into perspective for everyone to understand what today's youth is searching for. The "R" stands for "recognizing." Those in the organization understand today's youth and what they need to make it in today's world. "E" stands for "encouraging." They know how to lift the spirits of the youth to succeed. The "S" stands for "seeing." The volunteers learn to see the world through the eyes of the youth. "P" is for "plan." They plan to lift up those in the organization and never put them down. "E" is for "equipping." Everyone works to give the youth the tools necessary to succeed. "C" is for "challenging." The youth gets challenged to respect and love themselves as well as others. And last, "T" stands for "trusting." Someone has to start with trusting the youth will make the right decision.

Reverend Huntley is an educator and knows how to work with today's youth to show them the way. He knows the key to all success in this life is a good education, and he stops at nothing to make sure these children have a good foundation to succeed. He also knows with a good education, the youth will have a greater chance at a life outside of prison and in the workforce building up society instead of tearing it down. The Gentlemen's Club gathers all the tools needed to build up the children's future as their philosophy is deterring them from prison through education. The tools learned in the club are psychological, educational, social, development, and personal growth for young men and boys. It also teaches them to volunteer for the community. With all the knowledge, the youth can build a positive self-image that will last a lifetime.

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