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How Reverend Huntley Helps as a Minister and a Consultant

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As a minister, Reverend Huntley became an ordained pastor. He is authorized to minister to the public, perform weddings, baptisms, and funerals. He has used his time to better society as a minister to the people in his community and many other locations. His focus is on inspiring people, especially the youth we all know, the future of America.  Virginia Beach City Public Schools have adopted the Gentlemen's Club to work with the young men and boys in the community. There have been numerous news interviews and broadcasting stories of good deeds brought about by the Gentlemen's Club in schools. It is because of its continued growing fame that other school divisions in other states have sought out advise and guidance to start their program.  School divisions in Alabama, Maryland and Connecticut are to name just a few.  

Reverend Huntley works as a consultant to the schools and works one-on-one with the community's people and also serves on the Pastors, Leaders and Police Officers Roundtable Committee. When there is a problem, he is right there ready to solve and tackle the issues. The world could use many more like Reverend Huntley. With today's youth going through the isolation of social distancing and the effects of all that is going on in the world, these young people need someone who cares enough to lead them. He has also used his resources to bring students on a field trip to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. As a consultant, he also works with families as he understands this is the foundation of where security all begins. As a parent and grandparent himself, he knows the ins and outs of raising a family in today's world. His words of inspiration come from experience.



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