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The Gentlemen's Club

Character Development Mentoring Program

"Instilling Pride, Integrity, and Respect 

Into the Lives of  Young Men" 

Our Motto:

"It Does Not Matter Where In Life You Come From,

What Does Matter Is Where YOU Decide To End Up!" 

Field Trip To Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Washington, DC

The Gentlemen's Club is a Character Development Mentoring Program.  Purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for psychological, social, educational, and personal growth and development in boy's and young men.

Serving as a Deterrent to "School to Pipeline Prison!" 

Goals for the Gentlemen’s Club are:

* To recruit male students from all grade levels.

* To develop positive self-images through a variety of image techniques.

* To encourage community involvement through volunteerism.

* To help combat the development of a criminal mindset through corrective thinking group discussions.

* To clearly identify the personal, social, and educational sources of frustration and implement practical

  corrective  solutions.

* To develop problem solving skills, creativity, behavioral flexibility, resourcefulness, social intelligence, and


* To emphasize acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success or failure.

* To strengthen the ties of peer interaction and family bonds.

School Yearbook Photo

 Learning How To Tie A Necktie

 Learning How To Salsa Dance With The Ladies Club 

 Team Building Central Academy Alternative H.S. 

 Courthouse Visit Central Academy High School 

 Dress For Success Central Academy High School 

 End of the School Year Field Trip

 Virginia Beach Central Academy Alternative H.S.

Limousine Ride

  Toasting To A Successful School Year!

Teen Drop Out Summit Richmond, Va. 

Proper Dining & Etiquette Class 

G.E.M.S.    Girls Empowering Minds & Spirits 

  End of the School Year Awards!

  Learning To Set A F0rmal Dinner Table! 

  Shopping For The Right Suit

  When You Look Good, You Feel Good!

  Realty Store Workshop!  Preparing For The Real World! 

  Hampton University Field Trip!

  Hampton University Field Trip   Hampton, Va.

Gentlemen's Club End of the Year Awards Banquet

  Gentlemen's Club Creed!

  Flower Presentation to Mom:

  Courthouse and Jail Tour:

"If You Are Not On The Right  Path,

The Wrong Path Lies Ahead!"  G.C. MOTTO!

I was honored to receive the 

"Community Pride 2015 Award"

The Gentlemen's Club

A Deterrent To: "School To Prison Pipeline" 

  Morning Announcement Readers / February Black History Month

  Field Trip To The Movie Theater

  Old Dominion University Football Game!

  Old Dominion University Mascot:  Big Blue

  Fashion Show!

6TH Annual End of the Year Awards Celebration & Banquet 

  My Beautiful Wife Angelia 


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