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The Shaping Of Our Future Generation

            Putting A Plug In The School
                    To Prison Pipeline! 

                                    ISBN:  978-0-9672339-7-0  $24.95

     Reading this book was like going through a time capsule. It grabs your attention along the way as you take the journey along with Mr. Huntley.  He puts forth his God given talents in trying to rescue some of our young people who are heading in the wrong direction (from school to prison). 

     At times it makes you feel happy and other times perplexed. His nineteen (19) year odyssey takes you through twist and turns dealing with politics and bureaucracy while giving his all to the call of duty to benefit the future leaders of the world.

     The seeds Mr. Huntley planted in those young men and women will continue to be counted for generations to come. This book should be read by school administrators throughout the United States. It gives you a blueprint and invites you to look at what is truly needed in the public school system.
     Italy And Back, A Black Man's Odyssey
ISBN 978-0-9672339-0-1  $19.95

     As you read Italy and Back, you will revisit 30 years of history through the eyes of a Black Man.  You will identify with many of the tragedies and triumph of a Black Man attempting to live the "American Dream”.

     Regardless of your human condition, your eyes will be opened or made sensitive to the fact that all men, though created equal, are not treated equal. The playing field in America continues to be unevenly graded.

The brilliance of Italy And Back will be enlightening to everyone, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.  The crippling and demoralizing effects of racism, hatred and ignorance can be overcome in our society with the help of God, the support of a good family, and individual integrity.

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Because He First Loved Me,
429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus!

ISBN 978-0-9672339-2-5 $9.95

Because He First Loved Me, 
429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus! 
A book of inspirational poetry.

Have you ever been down, felt all alone like the whole world is upon your shoulders? Well this book of inspirational poetry will certainly lift up your spirit!

    God's Word is true, "He will never leave you nor forsake you!" This book was written in my most darkest of days!

But God!

CD: Because He First Loved Me,
429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus!

Audio CD Soundtrack:  $12.95

Because He First Loved Me, 
429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus! 
CD of Inspirational poetry.

     Because He First Loved Me, 429 Day's Brought Me Closer To Jesus!  

19 tracks of inspirational poetry accompanied with music. The poems were written during the most darkest days of my life.

        My sincere desire is for my poems to serve as a beacon of light for those who feel like the weight of the world is upon their shoulders. When you feel like giving up, turn to God. Let these poems inspire you to never give up but look toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the  Author and Finisher of our Faith! To God Be The Glory!

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"Mother's Please..."

ISBN 978-0-9672339-5-6 $15.95

A guide-- a tool to perhaps offer mothers some insight in raising their son(s). Let us not kid ourselves; these mothers are faced with uphill challenges which many are not prepared for, nor are most equipped for.

Our jails and prisons are filled with boys and young men who have entered the penal system. Many of these boys will openly tell you that the reason they ended up there was because of not having a father figure in their lives and that void played a key role in them not making wise choices.

Some may say, that's just an excuse! Well, that very well could be, however, (statistics tells us a different story) the fact remains the same. Majority of male inmates were raised in single parent homes void of a father to help mentor and mold them into becoming a man and a productive member of society.  As on the cover of my book, "A woman can not teach a boy how to be a man!" Recording Artist K. Michelle echoes the same in her song; "Can't Raise A Man!"   

Please understand that by no means did I write this book to insinuate that all single mothers are not doing a good job in rearing their children. I strongly believe that there are a lot of mothers who are doing and have done an exceptional job at raising their son(s) and they should be applauded for this. These young men have gone on to do great things with their lives.  

Unfortunately however, this is not the norm!

The Gentlemen's Club

ISBN 978-0-9672339-6-3 $29.95

Character Development Mentoring Program:

Informative information on how to start a mentoring program.  A step by step mentoring training guide.

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