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Inspirational Speaker

How An Inspirational Speaker Is Good For the Soul

Reverend B. Raye Huntley is an inspirational speaker who has given his services to the public to inspire and motivate anyone who listens to his messages. Everyone needs a little boost of positivity in their lives, and it is good for the soul. In a world tarnished with transgressions and negative vibes, B. Raye Huntley Enterprises brings good vibes to people to uplift their spirits. Many people struggle with different things in this life, and Reverend Huntley tackles these destructive forces and enlightens people with a better way of looking at situations. He gives the truth in full force and does not hold anything back. Reverend Huntley earned his minister's license in 2005 and became a pastor in 2006. He gave his life to the Lord and has received many recognitions and awards over the last few decades. His work also extended into establishing groups and organizations to help the youth and young men.

Reverend Huntley has been a public speaker at many different events over the last few decades. He is also an educator, so he is no stranger to crowds. For 18 years, he has been employed by the Virginia Beach City Public Schools and received countless awards for his services to the youth. Huntley was a public speaker at the Tallwood High School African Male Summit, a keynote speaker and presenter at Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, and Virginia State University. The list goes on for so many locations Reverend Huntley spoke, and he continues to inspire the youth and others as a public speaker. Along with being the CEO of B. Raye Huntley Enterprises, he has a long track record of the following as an inspirational speaker, poet, publisher, author, artist, consultant, mentor, youth activist, and he also wrote four inspirational books.

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