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Ways to Inspire as an Author and a Poet

Many motivational speakers and church pastors take the route to become an author in their ministries to help inspire others to walk in their faith. The books Reverend Huntley wrote made an impact on future generations to come. In his book, "Italy and Back, A Black Man's Odyssey," he talks about living "The American Dream" through the eyes of a Black Man. It covers his 13 1/2 years in the United States Marine Corps and the course of history for over 30 years of how the human race is suppose to be equal, but not all get treated that way. The book discusses how the effects of racism ruin the playing field and how the grace of God, love of family, and integrity can overcome racism's effects. Another book written called, "Mother's Please..." a self-help book written for single moms out there and their struggles in raising their sons without the help of the father and or positive male role models in today's world. It talks about the effects of not having a father figure and how it affected the young generation's lives.  In the book, Huntley list eight mistakes that single mothers make.   

Reverend Huntley is also a poet and wrote inspirational poems. His book and CD go together with poems of inspiration and music in the background. The book and CD called, "Because He First Loved Me, 429 Day's Brought Me Closer to Jesus." Everyone feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders at times. Reverend Huntley explains how he wrote the poems at some of the darkest times in his life. As a poet draws attention to inspiration, he used the words to become a way of light in a dark time to show the way to God. The poems meant to give hope to those going through troubled waters and pressing the reader not to give up hope. During difficult times, it is easy to feel abandoned and far away from God. The poetry is inspirational and made to uplift the spirit.

Reverend Huntley's latest book is, "The Shaping Of Our Future Generation, Putting A Plug In The School To Prison Pipeline!"  Huntley shares his plight of trying too successfully maneuver his way at mentoring the youth through his character development mentoring program.  All while trying to remain gainfully employed with the Virginia Beach City Public School System, in spite of the many obstacles that he had to face and overcome. 

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